Family is where it is!!!!!

Family is where it is!!!!!
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

How Can God Still Bless America ? by Betty Gray/Williamsburg

I share a letter to the editor printed in the Richmond Times Dispatch on 6/11/9 titled "How Can God Still Bless America?" While I can't say that I agree with it in its entirety, it is thought provoking and very well written. I would hope that this might generate some thoughts, discussion and/or comments.

World War II General Omar Bradley said that by the end of the 20th century, we would be a nation of "technological giants and moral midgets."

Did he know that we would be putting men in outer space, but that back home we would be killing babies buy the thousands, while quibbling over waterboarding terrorists?

Did he know that we would deny our children the right to pray or read the Ten Commandments, but give them cell phones to "sex text" at will and allow them to absorb violence and smut 24 hours a day via TV?

Did he know that we would refuse to allow our schools to teach our teens abstinence and responsibility, but instead we would teach them about homosexuality and how to have safe sex---and if they do accidentally get pregnant, they're free to have abortions without notifying their parents?

Do you think he knew we would encourage children to read the fantasy Harry Potter series but discourage them from reading Bible stories because they're only fairy tales?

In our culture, truth has become whatever we want it to be and right and wrong are whatever we judge them to be---although we're not really judging because we have no basis with to judge.

And least one think I am pointing a finger at those outside the church---immorality and confusion are as rampant within our church as they are without. How can God possibly bless America?

Reaction anyone?

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Evan Davis said...

I think she makes some good points, but "moral behavior" issues are only the tip of the iceberg. What I believe to be far more important is for the Christian community to start acting like the One Church, the One Body of Christ, it is called to be. This means creating a family/community in which poverty, violence, hatred and intolerance are unthinkable - from this follows the solution to many of the issues she raises. Of course, I do not agree with her when she mentions homosexuality.