Family is where it is!!!!!

Family is where it is!!!!!
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Sunday, November 30, 2008

An Advent Message (Dr.Gail Inlow)

Shortly before my father died, he wrote the following Advent message which I have referred to often, particularly the last paragraphs beginning "The Advent expanded......

"Throughout Christian history, Christ's advent has precipitated almost never-ending thought and controversy. Just who was the Babe of Bethlehem? Why do we know so little about his childhood and young manhood? Just who and what was He, having reached maturity? The Son of God? (Mathew 3:17). The son of Man?(Mark 10;45). Or relatedly, the son of Mary?(Mathew 13:55). Or, as portrayed intermittently throughout the New Testament, was the the Lamb of God, the Good Shepherd, the cornerstone of all humanity, the high priest, the prophet, the Word made flesh? Or, all of these and more?
Or was he, as portrayed in Sabine Baring Gould's "Onward Christian Soldiers," a war like commander, leading his legion of
followers into combat against the forces of sin and evil? Obviously not, for Christ was a "man" of love, caring and peace.
Throughout Christian history, the Advent commemorates the Birth of Christ who ultimately was to
become the catalyst of and central figure in a way of life called Christianity. A way of life verbalized primarily in the "New Testament," which says, in effect,
to mankind: read and learn about Christ's birth and life, make the words part of you, and most important, confine them not exclusively to churches, cathedrals, and tabernacles, but apply them to the world of daily activity--to the home, to the community, to the marketplace.
The Advent, expanded, tells man to love his neighbor, to reach out to the have-nots of the world, to opt for peace over war, forgiveness over thoughtless punishment, and gentle tolerance over hasty opposition.
During the oncoming Christmas season, the Advent says to mankind: cut materialism down to size, share more generously with the needy, and never forget that Christianity at its best is a phenomenon of action as well as words and ideas. Its mandate is:
put the letter to work."

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