Family is where it is!!!!!

Family is where it is!!!!!
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Economy got you down--60 ideas to save money

By Mike Silliman

1) Goodbye cable or satellite. Hello digital converter box with antenna.
2) Cancel magazine subscriptions.
3) Cancel Netflix & use Redbox.
4) Cancel your land-line phone. Nobody calls it except telemarketers anyway
5) Reduce your mobile minutes plan.
6) Take away your kids mobile phone, unless they have a job to pay for it.
7) Increase your deductible on your car insurance to lower your premium.
8 ) Reduce your tort options from “full” to “limited” on your car insurance.
9) Order water at the restaurant.
10) Lower the thermostat in your house by 2 degrees.
11) 4 degrees will save you even more.
12) Use the Library instead of buying books.
13) Look for low cost family activities. We joined the Philadelphia zoo club for under $100 for a family of six. We’ve been to the zoo 3 times since then. We pack our lunch and make a day of it.
14) Carpooling to work.
15) Arrange with friends to watch each other’s kids instead of paying for a babysitter.
16) Pack your lunch instead of buying.
17) Buy soda or bottled water by the case and always have some in your car. Don’t buy soda from a vending machine.
18) Do-it-yourself haircuts. Hello flowbee…don’t worry, hair grows back.
19) Never pay full price. Ask for a discount.
20) Shop at the second hand store.
21) Ask for a raise. Long shot, but you never know.
22) Use coupons.
23) Buy generic.
24) Buy bulk on certain items.
25) Exchange bulk items with friends.
26) Seal your driveway yourself.
27) Wash your car at home.
28) Unplug small appliances when you are not using them. Appliances still draw electricity when they are plugged in, even when they are not turned on.
29) Switch your light bulbs to flourescent bulbs.
30) Limit your dining out.
31) Make your Christmas gifts instead of buying them.
32) Exchange names for Christmas with extended family instead of buying gifts for everyone.
33) Go to the park instead of Chuck-e-cheese.
34) Cancel the fitness membership, and workout at home.
35) Shop around for cheaper home heating prices.
36) Consider a less expensive vacation this year.
37) Buy a used car instead of a new one.
38) Fix your car instead of trading it in.
39) Change the oil in your car yourself.
40) Buy a Tall instead of a Grande.
41) Buy a Grande instead of a Venti.
42) Buy a coffee instead of a Latte.
43) Make coffee at home instead of buying it.
44) Use your AAA card for discounts.
45) Order one less kid’s meal. They don’t ever eat it all anyway.
46) Stop using ATM’s that charge you a fee.
47) It’s ok to say no to the 50 kids that come to your door selling fundraiser stuff.
48) Buy one box of girlscout cookies instead of two.
49) Use your bath towel one more day before washing it.
50) Repair the washer one more time.
51) Eat leftovers.
52) Ask your home lender to drop your PMI (private mortgage insurance) if you have enough equity in your home.
53) Always look at the bill closely to make sure you aren’t being overcharged.
54) Stop feeling obligated to go to every home show and buy stuff.
55) DON’T buy the extended warranty.
56) DO buy the extended warranty on your computer.
57) Exchange “trades” with your friends. You can paint, your friend is an electrician.
58) Turn off and drain the hot tub, if you’re not using it.
59) Take shorter showers.
60) Lose weight. Did you know that it cost $1.50/year to sustain each pound that you are overweight.
What are other ways to save money?
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